Twitter Posts: Emmanuelle (1974)

I did it!! I’ve started the new project.

Emmanuelle (1974) was watched on August 30, 2011. Below are the twitter posts I made while watching the film. Another post about my experience watching this film will follow.

A too-late-for-me Terror Tuesday means I’m watching the first EMMANUELLE movie tonight. I’ve programmed my own Terror Tuesday. #fb

And so it begins…. Watching EMMANUELLE (1974) #fb

2:45… Photos of boobs. #emmanuelle

This guy just tried to arrange a three-way. Wonder if it worked. #emmanuelle

12:45 and rape. #emmanuelle

15:30 50 year old woman hits on #emmanuelle. She responds by jumping naked in the pool.

“Lollipops are marvelous. They make old men hot for you.” #emmanuelle

I’m guessing that if you’re flat-chested, it’s painful to keep your shirt on. #emmanuelle

I have the sneaking suspicion that this broad is a slut. 2 different guys during one flight. #emmanuelle

Aaahahahahaha! Silly stripper…that’s not the way you smoke a cigarette. #emmanuelle

“Sperm has no need for eroticism.” This guy has the makings of a cult leader. #emmanuelle

1:25:00 Emmanuelle declares that she’s a real woman now. The 7 people she slept with earlier should be charged with a crime. #emmanuelle

That made zero sense. #emmanuelle #fb

@headgeek666 The guy also said that the true reflection of love is the erection & not orgasm. Must believe him. Sounds like he’s read books.

EMMANUELLE Dating Tip # 1: Don’t confuse men by using words. Just lift up your skirt and they’ll figure it out.

The mistake I made last night was not planning a “palette cleanser” after watching EMMANUELLE. Lesson learned. #DisturbingDreams



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